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Top Wholesale Home Decor Suppliers

If you are looking forward to starting your own Home Decor Business or you need to buy Home décor and accessories wholesale to furnish your new home, you have reached the right place. Here we have provided you with all the details required to find the right home accessories, wholesale suppliers. We will be discussing both online as well as offline wholesale distributors. 

Wholesale Home Décor Market-

Chor Bazaar Mumbai

Located in South Mumbai, this market has cheap and sturdy wholesale home accessories. Wholesale home décor stores in this market have vintage items, designer as well as second-hand furniture. Here, you’ll get everything needed to fill your stock or design your dream house. From luxury furniture collections to bar stools, Chor Bazaar has got everything covered. 

Bandra Station Market Mumbai

Located just outside Bandra Station, in this market, you will find excellent wooden, steel, and cane furniture including chairs, tables, beds, cupboards, etc. The place has dozens of wholesale modern home décor shops. This market is comparatively expensive and you may have to bargain to get a better deal. 

Crawford Market Mumbai

Whatever you may need, Crawford has it. This market has bulk home décor suppliers with a range of quality and price range. From bedsheets to beds, lamps to windows, you’ll get everything here. It is located in South Mumbai. 

Nehru Place Delhi 

Located near Nehru Place Metro Station, this is one of the best markets to find the right wholesale home accessories shops. It is a very busy market and has a variety of home decor products. You can find sheets, upholstery, electrical products, and anything and everything required to set up a place. If you know how to do a good bargain, you’ll get great items at the lowest price range in this market. 

Sarojini Nagar Market Delhi

In this market, you’ll get a variety of home décor fabric products like curtains, drapes, covers, sheets, lamp shades, cushion covers, and other fabric items. In this market, a collection of great quality items is available at an affordable price. However, you must try to negotiate to get better deals. This market has great street food but you must carry a water bottle with you. 

Kirti Nagar Furniture Market Delhi 

Kirti Nagar Furniture Market is one of the most popular markets for wholesale home décor and accessories. It is the largest furniture market in Asia with more than 500 shops dealing in home décor items. Here, you’ll surely find the right home decor wholesale supplier without facing much trouble. 

Lajpat Nagar Market Delhi 

If you want to buy that perfect carpet, Lajpat Nagar is the place. Items are could be a bit expensive but chances are you’ll find the items matching your requirements. If you are in business, this might not be the ideal place for you to look for budget-friendly wholesale home accessories suppliers. However, if you know how to negotiate well, this might be the right place for you. 

Online Wholesale Home Décor Sites-

Online Wholesale Home Décor Sites

Amazing India 

It is one of the most popular online wholesale modern home décor shopping sites. It has a section dedicated to wholesale products including home decoration items. Here you’ll get products like bedsheets, wall hangings, paintings, cushion covers, and door hangings. The price is cheap and the quality is decent. 

India Mart 

IndiaMart has a range of products including wholesale home accessories. You’ll get almost everything here and at an affordable price range. IndiaMart is an established name in the B2B marketplace and it offers a platform where suppliers and buyers can communicate with each other and conduct business. 

Global Trade Plaza

Global Trade Plaza is one of the best B2B companies and it offers various products. It connects manufacturers, exporters, suppliers, and buyers from all around the world. You’ll get the best deals at Global Trade Plaza. They offer 100% transparency and excellent customer support. Along with home décor wholesale suppliers, distributors of other essential products like food, clothing, footwear are also available. 

Rise Only

Rise Only is another recognized name in wholesale home décor and offers numerous items. You’ll get a variety of aesthetic products including beddings, pillow covers, floor mats, carpets, and sheets. You can also find a range of furniture including vintage lamps and lights, wall hangings, upholstery, etc. 


Alibaba is a prominent name in the B2B marketplace and it has a vast collection of trendy and designer wholesale home accessories and modern home decor. You’ll get items like wall hangings, wall arts, paintings, vintage showpieces, cushion covers, abstract figures, lights and lamps, wall clocks, and many more. 

Trade India 

Trade India is one of the most famous B2B online marketplaces in India. It has numerous home accessories wholesale suppliers that offer quality products. Trade India will help you connect with some of the top wholesale suppliers. 


If you know what you are looking for and your budget is pre-decided, you will not face many challenges while deciding the best-suited wholesale home accessories and décor. However, if you don’t have anything fixed in your mind, it might take some extra time. Buying wholesale has several benefits but when it comes to home décor, it gets a little risky. So, it is advisable to buy from a trusted supplier or store. Ask for a sample, negotiate the price, and stay in touch. 

Online shopping will also provide you with several added advantages when dealing with wholesale. Many websites offer buyer protection, delivery services, and testimonials from previous customers. You can leverage these and make a sound decision.  

Global Trade Plaza
Global Trade Plaza
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