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Changing dynamics after joining forces of Women clothing and B2B platform

If we start with history, what immediately pops in the head when discussing British, Mughals, or Native Americans? Britishers bring up the image of the ladies wearing a corset and long skirts. Next, Mughals reminisces the royalty and poise of the queens and their layered attires. The native Americans with skins as clothes like deerskin shirts and dresses. The existence of women styling is even before the stated period. Women’s clothing has vastly influenced the evolution of art, technology, and global trade. The increasing population in the world influenced the demand for various clothing styles among women. This led to multiple changes that have evolved over time. 

Gradually, there were a few fashion brands in the world. In the beginning, these brands, whether small and large, used to sell their stock wholesale via face-to-face interactions. However, couple of years in the past, there were evident changes in the women’s wholesale market strategies. The stores have not chosen the online path to increase their reach. The retail paradigm has modified drastically over the decade. It has reached the extent where the smallest boutique functions with an eCommerce store. Also, few boutiques don’t even exist in brick-n-mortar but are generating revenues via online sales. This avalanche has swamped the entire fashion industry.

The drastic development has been registered by the stores that regularly use B2B platforms like Global Trade Plaza to conduct their businesses. These B2B portals help in the sale and purchase of wholesale women’s clothing. The buyers and sellers sitting on other ends of the world can connect with each other through the websites like Global Trade Plaza. The portals are safe and only act as a mediator for connecting two parties who are interested in increasing their sales. 

Revenues Analysis of B2B portal: 

The business-to-business model has changed the definition of sales for many industries. The import and export have shown a drastic improvement because of these B2B portals. The undervalued sectors in their own region have gained huge accolades in others, and all credit goes to the platforms that have helped increase the horizon of sales. 

In the past decade, the improvement in revenue through the B2B portal has doubled itself. For example, in 2013, the gross merchandise sold was 5.8 US billion dollars, whereas, in 2019, the digits climbed to 12.1 US billion dollars. The impending period in the industry seems prospering. It is anticipated that the revenue will escalate to 30 US billion dollars in the next five years. Thus, the investment in this field has also skyrocketed. The interaction among the importers and exporters will become more transparent over the years.

Women Clothing growth in the Indian market: 

India serves a wide variety when it comes to clothing and textile. From handloom items to various fabric materials, there is an array of selection lists for foreigners. The textile industry has been exporting tonnes of material in women’s clothing for centuries to the foreign market. The difference stated from the current status to the previous is that the number of exporters has increased. The reason behind the exposure of big small women clothing sellers is the B2B platform. The evolution in technology has helped the small as well as the large scale industries to come in contact with the rest of the world. 

As per statistics, the revenue generated in 2017 was 4.5 US million dollars. Till last year, it stood at 13.1 US million dollars, and in the next five years, it will be around 23.5 US million dollars. The brand awareness and increasing demand have escalated the growth of wholesale women’s clothing. 

Women Clothing growth in the Indian market

How is it to work with b2b portal? 

The traditional way of selling products wouldn’t generate the revenue that a global platform could. The B2b portal helps you to create a link with the party sitting on the other side. Thus, start with having a full-fledged website that describes the stores with the items for sale. This is the only way to gain recognition and develop brand trust among the others.  

For the competition, the services promised should always be fulfilled. The B2b portal usually works on a star-rating pattern. A good service will help you remain on top of the game. Alongside, the reputation will attract more customers to your store.  

The traditional sellers of women’s clothing must be getting second thoughts about authenticity. Well, there are multiple ways to cross-check the authenticity of the purchaser. Firstly, the b2b portal advertises their star rated parties. The purchasers give these star ratings for the product and services. Secondly, the countries have stringent import and export laws, and these also ensure fair and genuine business.  

Advantages of dealing via b2b portal: 

  • The best resource of advertising: The business-to-business portal ensures the promotion is done at par. As the same would act as the representative of the business or the first impression. This advertisement is for the world; thus, the same becomes even more peculiar. Apart from this, there aren’t any sources that could speedily advertise at the portal’s stated cost. 
  • Keeping tabs on the competition: The portals often have a star rating, commenting section, or both. The same will highlights the new strategy as it could get praise or dislike by their customers—the business’s actual standing among the rest of the competition. 
  • Walking with the trend: The portal helps keep tabs on the competition and helps in checking the recent trends in women’s clothing. Undoubtedly, this is an excellent add-on to the business. 
  • Increases sales: With b2b portals, the reach becomes global. This reach is beyond the reach of any sales team. This generates potential customers as the wholesale purchase can continue if the product has satisfied the customers. 
  • Empower sellers and buyers: The buyers and sellers can do a comprehensive research about each other. The reviews usually help in assessing the authenticity of the party. If there is a requirement of getting a hold of shipping status, payments due, etc., then there are websites that disclose the information. A clean record usually helps in building a reputation, especially in the online world. 

Women’s clothing is something that will keep influencing global trade. The sales won’t change, but the market can shift due to trends. Well, if dealing on an online platform, then the challenges of shifting trends deplete as, at any time, the purchase could be shifted. The coming period is pushing to make the world a smaller place. Thus, holding the current technology pace is good for the growth of women’s clothing wholesale suppliers. The future of fashion and clothing is in the hands of technology. 

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