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Increasing demand for used laptops in India

Laptops are now a necessity rather than luxury for any household or business. The feasibility and low maintenance have made it the all-time favourite for all. From a business perspective, when the business prospers, employees’ need escalates, and consequently, the demand for more laptops also increases. For the said demands, any prudent entrepreneur will look for ways to minimize the incurring costs while not compromising the laptops’ quality. A hefty chunk of such entrepreneurs prefers purchasing refurbished laptops over buying new ones. These laptops are economical and have resale value too. The refurbished laptops come in all styles and sizes from all top brands like Toshiba, IBM, Dell, Lenovo, HP Sony, and even Apple (MacBook).

Another merit about these refurbished wholesale laptops is resaleable. The buyer must be clear about quantity and configurations before contacting the supplier. The buyers must also complete the market research about manufacturers, processors, graphic card, storage, etc. and then place the order for refurbished laptops. As there is no flat price for them, the seller can mislead too. Therefore, complete the market research before going for such laptops to save oneself from the embarrassment. 

There are multiple sellers of refurbished bulk laptops available online. The best deals are available across the globe. To select an authentic seller, it is best to surf on B2b platforms. These platforms are working these days very efficiently. They will share your requirements worldwide. The sellers from all around the world will contact, and after learning your requirement, they will quote their price. Select the one with the best price with all authentication.  

Purchasing refurbished laptop online: 

The wholesale refurbished laptops could be the easiest way to stock up on desirable yet cheap hardware at a fraction of the new laptops’ price. These days, there is a whole new market for refurbished laptops. People looking for upgraded notebooks aren’t ready to spend a chunk of fortune purchasing these laptops.

As per the statistics, the market for these laptops and other electronics in 2019 was estimated at $11 billion. Notebooks and laptops grabbed the most considerable portion of the evaluated market share. The online resale business owner, the figures were very encouraging. The consumers also find purchasing refurbished units would leave their bank aside, and still meet the need. The resellers stock up the refurbished laptops at cheap rates for securing a potential profit to generate a healthy return on investment. 

For wholesale used laptops, the online market is soaring due to b2b platformers. One of the top trading links is Global Trade Plaza. After posting the requirement for used laptops wholesale for export or import, the portal shares the information with concerned businesses. This way, the entire channel works and will prosper in the future. 

Advantages Of Refurbished Laptops: 

  • The laptops go through a thorough test procedure and are brought back to the factory.
  • The notebooks have original accessories or recently got authentic replacements from the company.
  • Refurbished laptops are available in decent quality replacement packing or the original packaging. 
  • They are more economical options, even for bulk purchasers. They are very popular among start-up groups and huge work-force firms. 
  • These laptops also come with a warranty of the replaced item for added peace of mind.

The Second-hand Laptop Market In India

The market for refurbished laptops is prospering for an array of reasons. Starting from people finding refurbished laptops better than the new laptops for financial reasons. The laptops returned to the factory are way cheaper than the extremely high price of new ones. Also, using a second-hand laptop has environmental benefits too. This encourages laptop companies to increase recycling, and consequently, there develops a gap in the production of new laptops. Recycling has gained a lot of attention lately. There are special programs in the laptop companies where they encourage customers to buy their refurbished laptops and become eco friendly. 

The consumer share of India’s second-hand laptop market is speculated to show an astounding $1.3 billion growth by 2030. The growing popularity of the second-hand laptops has kicked in by 11% in the past decade. Numbers suggest an approximate growth from $2.1 billion to $4.9 billion has been in the market of second-hand laptops. 

With such a dynamic sales surge of the refurbished over the new, it’s quite clear that resellers of the consumer electronics market have found it reliable and trustworthy. It can be considered as one of the benefits of the growing market. 

It is very surprising that despite technological development in the laptop production market, the second-hand laptops are garnering colossal demand. Every three months, a whole new change in the laptop and the old ones are tagged outdated. The reason behind the same is that not all laptop users require a heavy-specs laptop. The people with light work who only operate tasks like browsing the internet or reading and answering emails can work efficiently in the refurbished laptops. 

What is the source of Refurbished Laptops?

What is the source of Refurbished Laptops

There are multiple sources of second-hand laptops. A primary source is a manufacturer himself. Ideally, the rate of failure in the brand-new mac-books runs at 7-9% per year, whereas the competitors like Microsoft estimates a number around 15%. The laptops that fail to pass the QC test are returned to the manufacturers. The manufacturers test them and then work on the repairing. Further, they are offered for resale either through approved third-party sellers or their outlets.

Another source is the businesses.

Certain business sizes tend to buy laptops in bulk and are frequent about replacements due to technology advancement. These laptops are very handy to use as they have almost the latest technology and also natural life. These companies send it back to the manufacturing company for refurbishment and further forwarded for resale. 

The liquidators are also considered an excellent source for refurbished laptops. The top-tier liquidators sell the refurbished notebooks to the national retailers like Walmart and others. These retailers happen to bring a lot to the table. In 2018, it was estimated that 1.8 billion people bought online. The people who returned to the refurbished market for the second round of purchase was around 30 per cent.  

As stated above, we can’t expect all laptops to be coming straight out from the box. There is around a 7-15% failure rate across the market. This suggests the national retailers periodically take back these laptops. The seller passes the laptops on at a meagre price to liquidators. The liquidator refurbishes the product at the factory and carries it forward to resellers. This indirectly makes wholesalers a top-tier liquidator – one of the economic sources of refurbished wholesale laptops.

The retailers who want to resell second-hand laptops with companies are like Direct Liquidation. This indicates that the laptop has been sold at a far below rate than the wholesale price and availing the manufacturers the opportunity to secure a higher profit. 

Getting in touch with the market has become very easy these days. Multiple b2b platforms will connect the two parties ready to do business. For getting a cracking deal in a refurbished laptop, or if you wish to purchase wholesale laptops bulk, visit Global Trade plaza. Here, the platform will help you filter the authentic sellers of refurbished laptops. 

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