Top Products Exported from India to the USA

Export is significant in a country’s economic growth. It means that a particular country exports raw materials or goods produced in the country to other countries in order to gain more profit and a higher value for its products.  India has been exporting both raw materials and finished products to many countries including the United States of America. The commercialization of exports has aided India’s economic […]

Insider Tips for Becoming A Successful B2B Seller

Research Research Research!  Research is the key to every success story. B2B Marketplace is vast and without proper research and preparation, you can never achieve that milestone. Conduct in-depth market research, know your potential clients, understand the industry, and study your competitors. Stay updated with all the new techniques and strategies. There are various B2B companies in India, it is […]

Top Wholesale Home Decor Suppliers

If you are looking forward to starting your own Home Decor Business or you need to buy Home décor and accessories wholesale to furnish your new home, you have reached the right place. Here we have provided you with all the details required to find the right home accessories, wholesale suppliers. We will be discussing both online as well as […]

Beginners Guide to Shoe Business

Thinking of doing business in the footwear industry? Want to enter the B2C marketplace? Well, you are at the right place now. Here you’ll get answers to all your questions regarding the shoe business.  Before you enter the B2C market of the shoe industry, it is necessary you understand the details of the B2B market of the same industry. There […]


India is the second-most populous country in the world. This means that there is a customer for every product. The Business industry is vast and comes with several growth opportunities. In this article, we’ll be discussing business opportunities for people interested in the B2B industry.  B2B marketplace can be challenging but rewarding. It consists of various elements. Wholesale is one […]

Best Baby Moisturizers In India

Dove Rich Moisture Baby Lotion  It is mild and gentle making it perfect for your baby’s skin. Dove is a common domestic name in India. It also makes some of the best baby skincare products in India. This moisturizer from Dove soothes your baby’s skin gently. It is dermatologically tested and approved by a pediatrician. Sebamed Sun Lotion  It is […]

Best Baby Care Products in India

The bond of love that a mother and her child share is certainly the strongest. Things that are necessary to protect your child are not just food, affection, and safety, it’s more than that. It is also essential to protect their beautiful, soft and delicate skin. You always want the best for your child. Choosing the best baby care products, such as soaps, shampoos, diapers, […]

B2B Vs B2C marketplaces

What is B2B?  B2B stands for a company-to-company business, which implies that one organization sells goods or services to another. When other companies market a product, the customer buying the same does not purchase for themself; instead, they purchase the product or service for their company. Consulting services, customer relationship management solutions, copywriting services, lead generation, and many more are […]

Guide to find Plastic Wholesaler in a b2b platform

Accessing an outsized volume of records to optimize your e-commerce business is always found to be advantageous. This is why some of the e-commerce stores rely on wholesale distributors to get access to ample inventory. Here are some tips and tricks if an individual is looking forward to pooling resources with a wholesale distributor.  What is a wholesale distributor? Wholesale […]

Sustainable Plastic Cutlery Alternatives

In today’s era, plastic products are trendy and highly-usable items found in every household kitchen. Being their handy nature, they are good to go in our daily usage requirements. On the other side, they are artificially made products and are a significant source of pollution enhancement. They clog our oceans, ponds, rivers and can choke birds and fishes found there. […]

Hand sanitizers: The escalating demand with future forecast

Presently, the scenario reflects a constant increase in pollution and diseases, and human beings need to focus more on their hygiene. Inculcating simple practices into a daily routine can provide better hygiene. Our environment is surrounded by an infinite number of bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens harmful to the human body. We get in contact with these pathogens through our […]

Calculated evaluation & selection of surgical gowns

COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in bringing special attention towards control over infections and spread. To overcome this, personal protective equipment (PPE) is recommended for health professionals and staff. To procure a PPE gown or disposable isolation gowns during the pandemics’ extreme time can be mind scratching and difficult due to its scarcity. Here, we bring in some key features and […]

How to become a global distributor of wholesale baby products?

Baby products have garnered huge popularity alongside the evolution of technology. Many consider the same as an efficient strategy of the wholesale baby product companies. The products are produced to keep the babies engaged, comforting them, or helping the parents. The radical improvement in the parents’ lifestyle and work schedules has increased the demands of the products that could come […]

Changing dynamics after joining forces of Women clothing and B2B platform

If we start with history, what immediately pops in the head when discussing British, Mughals, or Native Americans? Britishers bring up the image of the ladies wearing a corset and long skirts. Next, Mughals reminisces the royalty and poise of the queens and their layered attires. The native Americans with skins as clothes like deerskin shirts and dresses. The existence […]

Increasing demand for used laptops in India

Laptops are now a necessity rather than luxury for any household or business. The feasibility and low maintenance have made it the all-time favourite for all. From a business perspective, when the business prospers, employees’ need escalates, and consequently, the demand for more laptops also increases. For the said demands, any prudent entrepreneur will look for ways to minimize the […]