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5 Top fertilizers manufacturers in India

Fertilizers are being used in all parts of the world for better yield in agricultural products. Fertilizers enhance the growth of agricultural products by adding nutrients to the soil.

The world is moving towards healthy and certified food. With increasing awareness of the health benefits of organic foods, producers must ensure that they use organic fertilizers. Organic fertilizers are produced from natural resources and are healthy for the soil and plants. These fertilizers not only provide nutrition to the crops but also improve the soil structure.

The fertilizers manufacturers use their technology to create fertilizers of the best quality.In the orld, China is the biggest manufacturer of fertilizers. China holds a 20% global export market. The global economy and high population growth input-output prices of fertilizers make China the biggest manufacturer in the world.

How do B2B portals help the fertilizers manufacturers in India?

Business-to-Business portals are playing an important role in the functioning of the fertilizers industry. These portals are useful for the small and large scale farmers, who are looking for the best quality of fertilizers at the most reasonable cost. Fertilizers manufacturers are benefiting from the B2B marketplace. The portals help introduce the new products in the market and let the farmers know about the new trends in the fertilizers industry. Farmers also get to know about the different types of fertilizers available in the market. These fertilizers are available in different forms like urea, nitrogen, potassium, and phosphate.

  1. B2B trading websites enable to find buyers or sellers across the globe.B2B marketplace allows to get a wider reach to the agriculture fertilizers and pesticides manufacturers. Using the B2B portal you can connect with a larger audience and display your product easily.
  2. B2B portal helps to connect with multiple agriculture fertilizers and pesticides companies and assists in speedy communications and guidance.
  3. B2b portals allow having a quick and secure payment gateway with just one click that ensures flexibility.
  4. B2b trading websites also allow huge offers and discounts and maintain the database that will help to keep the leads organized.
  5. B2B portals provide multiple opportunities at reliable prices. It will become easier for the agriculture fertilizers and pesticides manufacturers to find the right buyers at the right price and buyers can also find the right selling price.

Top Fertilisers manufacturers in India

  • Chambal Fertilisers and chemicals: It is the largest fertilizer manufacturer in India. This has a network of approx 50,000 retailers across the country and 3700 dealers. It accounts approx 90% of the Indian fertilizer market. It has its wider reach in states like Jand k, U.P, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, and others.
  • Coromandel International: Coromandel Internatioanl is the part of the Murugappa group.It is one of the leading industries for agricultural products. It has its presence in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Maharashtra, and more. It has a network of 20000+ dealers.
  • Rama phosphates: It is one of the leading phosphatic fertilizer manufacturers in India. It has delivered good growth in the fertilizer industry in India.
  • Dhararmsi Morarji Chemical: It is one of the leading producers of phosphate fertilizers and other pesticides in India. The company has shown good growth over the years and managed to double the investors’ wealth.
  • Deepak Fertilisers: Deepak Fertiliser is the leading Indian manufacturer of agriculture fertilizers and pesticides and other crop nutrients. They produced their fertilizers in the market under the name “Mahadhan”.They are one of the largest manufacturers of chemicals in India.

Top fertilizer manufacturers  in China

China is the biggest manufacturer of fertilizers. Many countries like India, Vietnam, and many others import fertilizers from china. China accounts for the major share in the export of fertilizers.

  • SinoFert: Sinofert is the largest fertilizer manufacturer in China and works efficiently by covering the entire industry chain of resources, R&D, production, distribution, and services related to agrochemicals. 7 controlling enterprises and 8 sharing enterprises that equal a total annual production capacity of over 15 million tonnes are under SinoFert.
  • WengFu Group: It is one of the largest companies that produce phosphate fertilizers in China. WengFu Group has a production capacity of around 4.89 million tonnes per annum. It also produces soluble fertilizers, phosphorus, sulfur and coal chemicals, and fluoride and iodine chemicals.
  • Sinochem: It is one of the biggest fertilizer companies with control of another 14 fertilizer production companies, with different and new innovative fertilizers. Sinochem works on primary fertilizer nutrients, secondary fertilizer nutrients, microelements fertilizers, BB fertilizers, organic and inorganic composite fertilizers, and other specialized fertilizers.
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