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Purchasing Spare parts for iPhone users has now become easy

iPhone has developed a separate market for itself. The smartphone has delivered quality and the same reason has helped in developing a discrete fan base. Apple Inc. was launched with a combined effort in 1976. The legacy of the company speaks for itself. In 2007, Apple Inc. launched the iPhone. The statistical growth from 1976 to 2019 is estimated around 260 billion. The astounding surge in the market is now a benchmark for many. 

Every minute 600+ iPhones are sold worldwide. The enormous sale of the smartphone carried a long list of repair complaints. The repair cost of the iPhone was found relatively lower than actual purchase. Therefore, in 2019, Apple Inc. declared to share spare parts with repair shops. The pilot run was for the US repair shops. Well, the objective behind releasing out of warranty repairs accessories to make people pass on their iPhone to the family. This will increase the users of iPhone and a good revenue anticipation was simultaneously made. In recent days, Apple Inc. has garnered a heavy backup in the form of revenue from the sale of Apple watch, Apple air pods, Apple music and many other accessories. This step was an add-on effort to increase the same share in the accessories.  

The benefits for the users are uncountable. The screen repair or fired charging pots and many such items was now made available with Apple Inc. promise. If the repair cost is compared with the fresh purchase, the former would win the points for its economical use. 

The Repair Stores have the liberty to set price

The Repair Stores have the liberty to set price

The independent store sellers selling wholesale smartphone parts will get to decide the aftermarket price of iPhone parts and accessories. The procedure will be simple. They will have to return the damaged parts to the Apple store for recycling and refurbishment. The qualification to be an Iphone repairing person is to have an Apple-certified technician who has completed 40-hours training and taken the test provided by the company. 

How beneficial will it be for general people? 

The people from the places where Apple stores are less in number can expect that early repair and original parts. The cost would be less than a new iPhone. The repair accessories will come with an Apple Inc. trust. 

What to expect from the repair shops?

Starting with the product range, all parts wouldn’t be available with the repair shops. Products like iPhone cameras, displays, iPhone batteries, and speakers will be available at these shops. This means Apple won’t allow an entire makeover of the iPhone. 

Any local can’t start operating an Apple repair shop. There are certain criteria for the repair shops to get hold of original products. 

Earlier, the unauthentic parts used by the retailers encountered several re-complaints of duplicate parts aren’t working. Both customer and repair shops had to face many challenges. This step by Apple Inc. has solved many troubles for the iPhone users. 

There are still many countries where Apple Inc. hasn’t started the supply yet. For them, there are multiple online options. It is understood that online purchase from different countries could be tricky. However, there are multiple B2b platforms that could redirect you to the right place with authentic purchase. One of them is Global trade plaza. The procedure to function on this website is simple. Click on post your requirement like, cell phone parts suppliers in India or any other country. The portal will get you in touch with the authentic repair shop sellers. 

The online option for making such a purchase is always a feasible choice. Read how online purchase could be better for iPhone accessories:  

  • Availability of an array of products and accessories: 

The offline repair shops would usually offer for the products they use frequently. Any old model or recently launched repair is hard to find. The exhibition at these shops depends upon their stock of spare parts and accessories. In short, a limited option could not let the customer utilise the optimum offers by the company. 

To solve the ongoing issue, it is best to use an online option. The online outlet would offer a huge variety of accessories and spare parts. All these parts can come at a wholesale rate as online platforms eradicate multiple middle men. The option of bulk product or any part of old as well as new product will be delivered at the footstep or the purchaser.  

  • Look for warranty while going for online

A well researched purchase is always recommended. An iPhone spare part or accessories issued at the company come with warranty. The online purchase can be unpredictable. It is highly suggested to check for the reviews and feedback. The star ratings also help in understanding the seller. Do check for a DOA certification for authentication of warranty being original.  

After reading the testimonials, one can get a fair idea regarding the quality of products being sold. The iPod touch parts with accessories and spare parts for iPad and iPhone are sometimes not genuine. Thus, being mindful will help you get cheated. A warranty card is must for a product thus always check before purchasing. 

  • Online purchase will boost to the repair shops

The ones dealing in repair shops of iPhone, laptops, and pads would garner maximum benefit from online purchase. The online platform makes room for all kinds of products, even the outdated ones. By offering repair of outdated products, the repair shop will gain popularity. Alongside, the original products and warranty will develop reliability amongst the customers. The products’ price is at the discretion of the repair shop, the same can help in generating profits. The repair shops can multiply the business profits by repairing the phones and assisting for spare parts and accessories. This will help you earn more by buying things at wholesale price and selling them at higher price.

  • Get self iPhone repaired at cheapest price: 

The individuals who are aware of repairing the parts by their own can purchase the products online at wholesale price. The products come with company warranty, thus the assurity of the originality comes along with it. The repairing cost will also not be included and the repaired product will be all new.  

  • Generate profit by selling at higher price than wholesale rate: 

While making an online purchase, the price of the product will be charged at wholesale rate. A bulk purchase can give add-on discounts too. However, while dealing with repair customers, the price stated in the market will remain the same. Thus, the repairing shop can make profits out of it. 

This inexpensive part of online can come handy for making more money. Purchasing damaged outdated iPhones and replacing them with fresh products and reselling them at higher price. This would help in increasing profits too. 


Iphone has opened the door to many opportunities for repair shops as well as individuals. The purchase of a new iPhone at random due to damage of the old one wouldn’t bother much. Also, the repair is now more authentic and comes with warranty. In case of any discrepancy, the re-work can be asked with no expenditure at all. 

For countries where this facility hasn’t started, then can filter authentic purchasers from b2b platforms like Global Trade Plaza. They will suggest the best in class sellers and also offer multiple options to select. 

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