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Top Online Electronics Wholesalers in India

If you are in the Electronics B2B Market, you require reliable and quality wholesale electronics distributors to run your business smoothly. With so many wholesale electronics suppliers in the market, it can get a little overwhelming to choose the one best suited for your business. B2B market is vast and a major section is covered by the online market. Here we have provided you with a list and details of the best and cheap wholesale electronics market present online in India as well as outside.

Global Trade Plaza

Started with the aim of providing safe channels for international business, Global Trade Plaza has exporters, suppliers and manufacturers from around the world. They have excellent quality electronic products in a reasonable price range. Also, they discard fraud leads and requests, making them one of the best B2B platforms in India.

Trade India 

Founded in 1996 by Bikky Khosla, TradeIndia is a popular B2B platform. TradeIndia has a broad array of products available. The distributor has a dedicated customer care service department. Ordering from the supplier is not confusing, they are quite easy to place. 

The buyers are required to contact the wholesale electronics suppliers about the electrical items they need. The supplier will answer with all the details that the buyer needs. 

India Mart

Founded by Dinesh Agarwal in 1996, India Mart is another established B2B platform like Trade India. India Mart is free to join. This B2B online platform permits wholesale electronics distributors and manufacturers in India to sell their goods via the platform. 

It has a broad range of electronics products. India Mart also has several other items like industrial supplies, clothing supplies, etc. The website is simple to browse and use. 


Established in 2011, Shopclues has a vast variety of products including electronics items. Shopclues offers substantial discounts to the buyers and the price and warranty period for every product is presented clearly. 

Shopclues offers various products like clothing, home supplies, etc. Shopclues is a decent online B2B market to buy wholesale electronics items. The return and exchange policies are pretty simple and there are various payment methods available. 


Alibaba is an established and popular Chinese B2B online marketplace. They deliver products across the world. There are many consumer electronics wholesale distributors on Alibaba that deliver in India. You can find sellers from India in the “India section” of the website. 

The products from Alibaba are usually different from the other suppliers. It has products from almost every industry. 

Helping India 

Helping India helps businesses to buy electronics supplies in bulk from a number of wholesale electronics vendors in India. It is one of the largest wholesale electronics suppliers that provide products at a cheap cost. Helping India has a range of wholesale products available at the cheapest prices. It has several Indian wholesale electronics distributors and it also provides buyer protection.

Trade Key India

Established in 2009, Trade Key India provides an online business database for manufacturers, distributors, resellers, suppliers, and vendors. You can find the same for online wholesale electronics supply. 

The price range can be quite reasonable as there are several wholesale electronics distributors listed on the website. Trade Key India has an approachable customer support department. 


Established in 2007, Infibeam has a variety of wholesale consumer electronics products ranging from headphones, cameras, earphones to smartphones, chargers, etc. 

The website is easy to navigate and use. The customer care department is good and a cash-on-delivery option is available. 

How to Choose the Right Wholesale Electronics Supplier 

How to Choose the Right Wholesale Electronics Supplier

Low Minimum Order Limit- 

If you are low on budget, make sure you choose a wholesale electronics supplier who has a low minimum order quantity. 

Reasonable Price Range- 

Always buy from wholesalers who are providing cheap wholesale electronics i.e., good quality products but at budget-friendly prices. 

Supplier Must be Certified- 

In the electronics business, it is important to ensure that the quality of products is excellent. If you want to keep your customers, it is essential you provide them with quality products. This can only be ensured when you receive high-quality items from the suppliers. 

Certifies suppliers always deliver exceptional products. If your wholesale electronics supplier is certified you wouldn’t have to worry. 

Read the Testimonials- 

Always remember to check the testimonials from previous buyers before placing an order. Check whether the services are satisfactory or not. Do not deal with suppliers who do not have an impressive track record. 

Easily Approachable- 

Make sure the supplier is easily approachable and available for communication whenever there is a requirement. Proper communication flow is required to conduct business smoothly. 

Why Wholesale Electronics Supply? 

Faster and Easier- 

If you manage to find the right wholesale electronics suppliers, you’ll get all the products faster and without any hassle. This saves time, and time is of substantial importance in business. 

Cheaper Price Range- 

When you place the order in bulk for your business, suppliers usually provide a generous discount. You get the same products at a lower price and this helps you in making a profit. 

When you make huge profits, it allows you to provide heavy discounts to your customers. 

Receive Orders at Your Place- 

If you have found yourself the right wholesale supplier, you shall receive all your deliveries at your doorstep. This will help you save time and money. 

Global Trade Plaza
Global Trade Plaza
Global Trade Plaza is an ISO 9001:2015 certified online B2B marketplace. We provide various opportunities for businesses including manufacturers, exporters, and wholesalers to connect with other businesses and companies across the globe.


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