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The future of international trade and worldwide network: Global Trade Plaza

The growth due to digitalization has touched multiple fields, but couldn’t do much for the intercountry supply. We are here with a solution where people across the globe can carry out their business with zero hassles and complete transparency. Precisely, we aim to set businesses free from the restrictions of traditional mediums. We are providing access to digital platforms by optimizing the functional channels from desktops or smartphones—the businesses who have joined us experienced improvement in their operations and generated high revenue. Global Trade Plaza provides services like banner advertisement, direct dealing by generating leads, exclusive business websites, social media marketing, customized digital catalogues, and others to contact the customers directly.

Global Trade Plaza aims to generate genuine leads instead of painting a picture and leaving everything on the supplier. The catalogue of the items is extensive and probably encompassed multiple areas. It deals with machinery and industrial supplies, home supplies, electronics, medical supplies, agriculture and food, fashion and apparels, etc.

The buyer can post their requirement on the portal and can get directly in touch with the verified suppliers. It acts as the medium where both buyer and supplier can get in touch with. As the buyer is getting in touch directly, there wouldn’t be any discrepancy. Another option available at Global Trade Plaza to get in touch with the target audience is the option of ‘advertise with us.’ With the facility, the supplier will get their own websites an entire back end support to garner clientele all over the world.

Our sole motto is to give end to end services to both buyers and suppliers. We have presently started as an Online B2B platform that includes advertising, but further, we plan to expand at lengths in the field. We look forward to eradicating fraudulent practices and painting a transparent picture where both suppliers and buyers can rely upon.

Segments of our directory:

When we said we would encompass multiple products, it included all essential and fashion segments. So, what comprises the essential segment? Starting with machinery and Industrial supplies. We have anything related to apparel and textile machinery, agricultural machinery and equipment, packaging machine, building material machinery, chemical and pharmaceutical machinery in this block. Next is home supplies. A vast range of products come under this head. From bags and suitcases to home cleaning products, home decoration, household items, baby care products, and tableware and cutlery. We also have consumer electronics with computer hardware and software, camera, photo and accessories, mobile phones and accessories, laptops and notebooks, earphones and headphones. The other major segments are medical supplies and agriculture and food. There are personal protection equipment kits, nitrile gloves, face masks, hand sanitizers, corona test kits, surgical and isolation gowns in medical supplies. There are fruits, dried plants and fresh flowers, dry fruits and nuts, food grains, irrigation, and watering supplies in the agriculture and food segment. Apparels and fashion follow the product range stated above. The sections like men’s clothing, women’s clothing, kids’ clothing, winter clothing, fashion accessories, casual wear, and footwear. The segments are set with a major objective to satisfy all bare essentials. We are willing to cover the global market. Thus, the list should match the international outreach and their search. The prime aim is to attract global clientele and set a worldwide market. To accomplish the said motto, it is important to understand their requirement to visit the portal again.

international trade and worldwide Export Import network

How Global Trade Plaza works?

The Global Trade Plaza wishes to build a paradigm where international trade could take place with absolute transparency. While finalizing a trade, the seller’s transaction history would be well presented in front of the buyer. This would help the buyer assess the authenticity of the seller and protect themselves from any loss. There are many other steps that we have to take in order to develop a harmonious atmosphere. For now, the buyers can visit the Global Trade Plaza portal and submit their requirement in the ‘post your requirement’ section. Apart from this, there is another section’ post your listing,’ here, and one can register their products as a supplier on the website. Coming back on ‘post your requirement,’ the buyer can submit their requirement and further, the same would be directed to the respective seller. The seller would contact for the further ado. For the manufactures and suppliers, the portal provides multiple opportunities to develop a global clientele. Starting with getting listed with us from the ‘post your listing’ or ‘join now’ segment. We offer end to end services for helping them establish their global presence. We concentrate on worldwide exposure. Being featured in the portal is one thing and the rest work is done by digital presence of the business. As most of the well-advertised websites are said to be established well, we will bring the entire team of digital marketing that would help develop digital footprint. This would include, website, SEO, social media marketing through multiple channels, company email, video marketing via several channels, online reputation, conversion optimization, extensive buyer industry research etc.

Future with the Global Trade Plaza:
The small-scale or medium scale businesses do not get the opportunity to develop well versed digital presence and thus, they are only able to operate in their local market and miss out on export opportunities, and are not able to expand their market size that could benefit them. We would hold these businesses across the world to get a maximum number of clients. Being a b2b medium, we would help them advertise through different channels and develop a worldwide recognition with our expert team of professionals. For the advertisement, we have customized the packages, and one can pick as per their requirement. We have three segments, standard seller, pro seller, and elite seller. Each package has its own perks, but we can assure that all of them would help you establish as a well-versed name in your field. These packages are mentioned in the ‘advertise with us segment.’

If there is any query related to functionality or any other subject, connect with the chat with us section popping at the end of the homepage. The buyers and sellers can also contact through email for their complaint redressal. How will it benefit the global trade? We aspire to be on the top of the game in the b2b market. The growth we are looking forward to is based on only ethical business on a global trading platform. A few decades ago, locking deals on foreign grounds was a dream, but the technology improvement gave us the opportunity to reach overseas. Well, the same open doors for fraudulent and unethical activities too. We wish to develop as a b2b marketplace where the sellers and buyers can rely upon and lay their complete trust. We believe the Global Trade Plaza will grow tenfold on these moral grounds. All the sellers, manufacturers, and suppliers would also be seen generating high revenues on their products with us. Together we will build a platform that will be a reflection of integrity and success.

Global Trade Plaza
Global Trade Plaza
Global Trade Plaza is an ISO 9001:2015 certified online B2B marketplace. We provide various opportunities for businesses including manufacturers, exporters, and wholesalers to connect with other businesses and companies across the globe.

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