Foreign market for Indian dry fruits - Trending Opportunity

The mechanism of export and import depends on the basic concept of every economics book. The demand for those products is high, which are scarce. Multiple products have drawn foreigners attention to India, but the most exclusive list comprises the dry fruits and nuts (products like salted pista, raisins, currants, raisin fruit, etc.). 

The German market is the largest market for nuts in the world. It represents more than 40% of the total world imports. The next in line is the United States, then Vietnam, and the United Kingdom. The import volumes are rapidly increasing. The largest consuming and importing markets like the Netherlands, France and others offer opportunities for fresh exporters. The natural, low-sugar, and health products are considered the main trends supporting the increasing consumption of nuts and dried fruit.

Product Description: 

The dry fruits and nuts available in foreign markets must comprise in the description that is stated by the respective country. The b2c sellers in the market propose to sell the best dry fruits and nuts, but that could be untrue. Thus, for better experience a trusted brand becomes the go-to for foreign importers. Here we are with the product description of well demanded dry fruits and nuts.

Export Import of dry fruits in India

The nuts and dry fruits are two groups of products which are ideally traded by the same companies. Apparently, the storage and handling conditions of dried fruits and nuts are similar, making them last for a long time. Also, the usage of dry fruits and nuts are more or less the same as snacks or ingredients in the bakery or confectionery products. Thus, the demand for the products is posted simultaneously. 

A nut is basically fruit with a hard shell and a seed, mostly edible. However, a variety of dried seeds are also noted as nuts and sometimes include some seeds like pine nuts that aren’t even in a hard shell.

The companies dealing in all kinds of dry fruits and nuts must be aware that the process of sun drying where the majority of the original water content is extracted by drying them under the sun, or something mechanical dryers or dehydrators are put to use.


The quality requirement for all nuts and dried fruit should be fair and marketable. The product should bear the full name of the respective country. The products must meet the standard UNECE guidelines. The companies can decide for themselves to pick which standards dry fruits and nuts they wish to sell.

Below mentioned are the quality requirements preferred by the operators:

  • The moisture content (varies from product-to-product);
  • The size of the product (Depend upon the type of nuts and dried fruit);
  • specific cut (only on certain dried fruits);
  • Types and levels of used preservatives;
  • quality class (identified by tolerances and uniformity).

For more detailed good hygiene practices, refer to the code book of hygienic practice for respective countries. 


The labelling of the products discloses many things, and thus it is considered crucial. For dried fruits and nuts, the name of the product and specifications about the drying procedure. It must also disclose whether or not sugar was added to the product (for certain types of dried fruit). The information about nuts related to the shelling should also be present in the labels too. 

Trending opportunity in the foreign markets:

The foreign markets are soaring with opportunities. The dry fruits market has a huge density in german and European markets. If adequately monitored, we could understand their requirement and create more demand than usual. These requirements are further converted as trends, and here we are discussing some. 

  • These days consumers are oriented towards vegan, gluten free, and natural food.
  • The certified products by food safety are favourable by foreign markets, and thus, getting a certificate is highly recommended.
  • The products with low-sugar are in high demand. However, the same trend has remained unaffected for dried fruits, as there is concentrated sugar. The need for sugar coated dried fruits has gone lower.  
  • The consumption of products like superfruit has increased. The anticipation of demand for freeze-drying technology infused berries will also go up. Additionally, the individually dried products consumed in powdered form are also expected to escalate. 
  • The demands of nuts have been more in the market and will increase in the future with no trend blocking or deteriorating. Nuts hold high nutritional content. This makes the product unique and always in demand. 

The regional and cultural demands of the region also affect the market. In European culture, the nuts and dried fruits are the main ingredients of the primary foods. However, the same changes course in Australia and Africa, making them the target market for dry fruit exporters. The exporters are trying to infuse dried fruits and nuts and promoting its health benefits in the area. The surge in demand is expected in these areas well. 

Complying the requirements of the product: 

It is said that consumption increases if products satisfy the requirement criteria of the consumer. Understanding the requirements of the foreign market always helps in bringing a surge in the export. Here are the common requirements that an exporter should meet:

Legal requirements

The dried fruits and nuts sold in the market must be safe. If used with any additives, they must be approved. Any harmful contaminants such as excessive levels of mycotoxins, preservatives, pesticide residues are banned. It is exercised in almost all the countries, thus abiding by them will give an easy clearance. 

Border control

In case of frequent non-compliance of products from particular countries, stringent border controls may apply. These stricter controls can mean there would be obligatory laboratory tests would run on the already defined number of imported trucks or containers or trucks. Once cleared, the next consignment of the same product might be subject to similar procedure again. 

Food safety

The countries already define the preservatives and storage quality of the products. A food safety certified product is more preferred in any country. The measures taken by the authorities of food safety are cherished by the people and accept the approved products by them with open arms. Abiding by the food safety measures increases the trust of the people in the product. This helps in building goodwill in the exported company, which benefits in the long term. 

Keep an eye on the competitors: 

The food industry prospers due to high competition. This rule is tested globally. The competition in the dried fruits and nuts have been very volatile. A decade ago, gulf countries used to hold the heavier part of the balance when it was related to the export of nuts. The trend of dried fruits and nuts was introduced by Germany and followed by the United States. It soon took over the market. The countries followed the strategies. India is a rich country of fruits and nuts. The strategy and technology helped in growing on foreign land. 

The importers of Germany, the United Kingdom, Vietnam, the United States and others found the flavour combination of Indian dried fruits are better. It took a small period from then to create a space for Indian dried fruits and nuts. 

The statistical counters of the dried fruits and nuts in India have shown five times increases over the past decade. The anticipation of further spree in demand for Indian dried fruits and nuts are expected to go higher on the scale. 

Future of Indian Export of Dry fruits and nuts: 

The markets apart from the already conquered ones are calling for Indian dried fruits and nuts. With proper strategy and exporting rules, the chances of Indian to win over them is high. The impending period in the export is to go by ten times. The inclination of b2b mediators has helped the best dry fruits and nuts supplier in India to come under the foreign radar. The government is open about suggestions and improvement in the foreign trade policy. The future of the export in India seems brightest.

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