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How To Find The Right Wholesale Clothing Supplier?

If you have decided to set up a business in the clothing industry, the important thing you need to know is where and how to find the right wholesale clothing supplier. This industry ensures a stable source of income every month with plenty of space for development. Your customers require you to provide them with reliable, fashionable, and pocket-friendly products. The more you cater to the needs of your clients, the more success you can accomplish. 

B2B Market is vast but if you know precisely what you are searching for, you can find the best wholesale clothing suppliers easily. Following are some tips on how to find the right wholesale apparels suppliers- 

Make Internet Your Friend- 

Make Internet Your Friend

Google, Google, Google! 

Google can be very useful in your early days. In-depth research will either get you the perfect wholesale supplier or the right sources in the B2B marketplace to reach one. 

Social Media Applications 

Research on social media never goes vain. Participate in online forums related to wholesale clothing manufacturers or suppliers. Sign up for any of the industry newsletters and build your professional network. There’s a plethora of information available on social media, and you can easily find people looking to share their expertise.

Begin with the Clothing Manufacturers- 

Begin with the Clothing Manufacturers

It will always be a great method to get the products straight from clothing manufacturers. They are likely to sell to you based on their minimum order criteria. If your order is too small for them to sell, make sure you request them for a list of distributors. 

Online Directories – 

Online Directories

The easiest way to start searching for a supplier would be through free online directories. Some of the B2B markets present online are- 

Textile Export: Based in Surat, Textile Export is one of the major wholesalers dealing solely in garments. They have a vast line of ready-made clothing for every event and price. They also provide several payment methods, including cash on delivery. 

Indiamart: Founded by Dinesh Agarwal in 1996, Indiamart is a popular B2B platform in the field of e-commerce. Along with wholesale apparel supply, it provides several other items like construction materials and industrial supplies. 

TradeIndia: Founded in 1996 by Bikky Khosla, TradeIndia is another B2B platform like Indiamart. The corporation is headquartered in New Delhi, India, and has offices in 35 Indian cities. Along with apparels, it deals in jewellery, business services, etc. 

Networking and Contacts-

Networking and Contacts

If you know people in the clothing industry, make sure to ask them for contacts that could lead you to the right wholesale clothing suppliers. You can always get people to help you if you have the right approach. 

Trade Events and Shows- 

Trade Events and Shows

This is another effective option. If you have the time and expense you can think about going to trade shows. You’ll get several opportunities to talk to people, face to face. This might work out for you in extraordinary ways. People from the B2B market industry attend these shows regularly. 

Other Important Factors Related to Wholesale Apparels Suppliers

Minimum Order Quantity- 

This is essential for you to know. You need to know what is the supplier’s minimum quantity for the order. This way you can calculate and decide whether or not you can afford the products. This cost varies from supplier to supplier. Remember, some wholesale suppliers offer a discount on large orders. 


Always remember to ask for the quotation first. Request for the quotation through an email. Practically, you’re sending an email asking how much of it is dependent on the amount you would like to buy. Your email must be formal and to the point. 

Ask for Sample- 

If you can afford the cost of samples, make sure to buy them. Some wholesale apparel suppliers might even provide you with a discount. This will help you get an idea of the quality of the product you’ll be providing to your customers. 

Remember, if you don’t feel satisfied, move on to the next supplier. There are always more out there, you should not compromise with the quality. Always keep a diligent approach while choosing a wholesale clothing supplier, after all, you have to satisfy your customers. 

Wholesale Market in the Capital of India- Delhi

Wholesale Market in the Capital of India- Delhi

Being the capital of India and the centre of many businesses, Delhi has many wholesale suppliers’ markets. Some of them are Gandhi Nagar market, Chandani Chowk market, Sarojini Nagar market, Karol Bagh market, and Lajpat Nagar market. 

Wholesale Clothing Market in Mumbai

Wholesale Clothing Market in Mumbai

The economic capital of India, Mumbai has several wholesale markets. Some of them are the Colaba market, Bhuleshwar market, Mangaldas market, and Hindmata market. 


Now that you have an idea of how to get yourself the right wholesale supplier, it’s time to kickstart your search with a positive approach. You might not get results as soon as you would have imagined but with constant efforts, you will succeed. Follow a proper plan, stick to it, and always approach every supplier with a fresh state-of-mind. Don’t let your past experiences negatively affect you.

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