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Best Baby Moisturizers In India

Dove Rich Moisture Baby Lotion 

Dove Rich Moisture Baby Lotion

It is mild and gentle making it perfect for your baby’s skin. Dove is a common domestic name in India. It also makes some of the best baby skincare products in India. This moisturizer from Dove soothes your baby’s skin gently. It is dermatologically tested and approved by a pediatrician.

Sebamed Sun Lotion 

It is important to keep your baby’s skin safe from harsh sunlight. This will help you safeguard the sensitive skin of your baby. Sebamed is a relatively recent addition to the list of baby care products in India but has quickly gained attention since its arrival due to its outstanding quality products. It offers some of the best baby moisturizers in India. 

Himalaya Baby Lotion

Himalaya Baby Lotion

Himalaya is an established brand in India. Recommended by doctors, it offers a variety of the best organic baby skincare products in India. This baby lotion will be best for the sensitive skin of your baby. It is natural and chemical-free. Himalaya is trusted by parents for a long time. 

Johnson’s Baby Milk Lotion (Blue)

This baby lotion contains milk extracts that nourish your baby’s skin without causing discomfort. It is hypoallergenic, suggested by doctors, and approved by dermatologists. This company is over 120 years old and has a wide variety of baby skincare products

Mother-care All We Know Baby Lotion

Mothercare All We Know Baby Lotion

This is a gentle and mild baby lotion, clinically tested and proven to be safe for your baby’s skin. It soothes your baby’s skin, leaving it moisturized and free from dryness. Mothercare is a famous baby product brand in India. It offers a range of baby care products at a reasonable price

Chicco Baby Body Lotion

This is a non-greasy and paraben-free body lotion. It provides a soothing effect and hydration to your baby’s skin. Chicco is an Italian brand and provides some of the best baby skincare products in India and many other countries. It is a popular brand among parents. 

Pigeon Baby Lotion

Pigeon Baby Lotion

This is a moisturizing and nourishing baby lotion with extracts of chamomile and olive. Its formula is perfect for your little one’s skin. Pigeon is a baby products brand in India that makes almost everything required for your baby. You’ll get everything from nursing products, rash cream, shampoos, lotion, body wash, pacifiers to diapers, tissues, and wipes.

Mamaearth Moisturizing Daily Lotion

This is filled with the goodness of shea and cocoa butter. Its moisturizing formula is healthy for your baby’s skin. This is one of the most loved and best baby moisturizers in India. Mamaearth provides some of the best, natural and toxin-free baby care products in India.

Mee Mee Baby Lotion

Mee Mee Baby Lotion

This contains fruit extracts and has a non-oily texture. It protects your baby’s skin from dryness and is hypoallergenic. Parents should know that it also contains alcohol. Mee Mee is a reputed baby skincare items brand and provides several baby products like diapers, baby towels, napkins, shoes, toys, baby wipes, blankets, quilts, pillows, and more.

Lotus Baby Lotion 

Lotus is another herbal and natural products brand. It is well established and used by many. It provides chemical-free best organic baby skincare products in India. Lotus baby lotion also has shea and cocoa butter in it, providing nourishment and hydration to your child’s skin. This lotion is pH balanced, has zero preservatives, and is recommended by the pediatrician. 

Johnson’s Baby Lotion (Pink)

Johnson’s Baby Lotion (Pink)

This is another skin moisturizing product by Johnson’s baby. Johnson is a loved brand and offers the best products at the affordable price range. This baby lotion has Vitamin E and milk extracts in it. It is soft, gentle, and lightweight on the skin. It also has a mild fragrance that will not irritate your baby. Like other Johnson products this is also hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested. 

Cetaphil Baby Lotion 

Cetaphil is an old and reliable brand. It is recommended by doctors too. This baby lotion helps in keeping away the dryness and rashes. It is perfectly safe and extremely gentle for your newborn’s skin. It is ph balanced and hypoallergenic. 

The Moms Co. Natural Baby Lotion 

The Moms Co. Natural Baby Lotion

This is another baby lotion that is filled with the goodness of shea and cocoa butter. It also has other fruit extracts. This is set to keep your baby’s skin hydrated and moisturized for a long time. It is a trusted brand and provides many baby care products. It is paraben and toxin-free. 

What to Look for in a Baby Moisturizer or Lotion 

  • Always make sure that the lotion is ph balanced
  • It must be dermatologically tested
  • It should be hypoallergenic and gentle 
  • It should not contain any harmful chemicals or ingredients 
  • It is always best to go for natural or organic products 
  • Always check the kind of fragrance 
  • And If you still can’t decide, ask the doctor


With so much to look for and so many to choose from, it might get confusing for you to pick
one perfect moisturizer for your baby’s skin. Your little one will tell you the best. Observe his
or her skin for any reaction including mild rashes, rough patches, dryness, etc. If your baby’s
skin is reacting positively to a moisturizer, that might be it. Also, don’t change the
moisturizer frequently, it might irritate the skin.

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