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Top B2B portals in India that are best to grow your business

With India having a population of close to 1.3 billion people, there are a lot of businesses to choose from but how do you get a clear picture of what they are offering? 

The answer is B2B trade portals. B2B  trading websites are the primary source of information for most businesses and individuals in India. Not only do they offer up-to-date information but they also provide you with the ability to find the right business for whatever service or product you are looking for. With the use of these top B2B portals for import and export, you will be able to navigate through the Indian business world with ease.

International B2B marketplace act as a bridge for business owners to build their business through the internet across the world.. B2B trade portals offer various facilities to the business owners, which helps them to market their products and services online.

The advancement in technology has made it simple for you to find the best b2b portals in India. You can discover the best b2b portals in India by browsing the web by considering all the factors like their plans, the number of existing buyers and sellers they have, and the payment gateway. There are several exclusive top B2b trading websites that you can find online. 

How B2B International Marketplace in India is a boon?

  • B2B trade portals have taken the corporate world by storm. B2B portals are a great way to automate many aspects of a business, including things like purchasing, inventory, and even shipping and tracking.
  • B2B portals for import and export are a boon for small and medium-sized businesses. The portal provides companies with a platform for providing information about their companies, services, and products. It also helps SMBs to connect with other companies and individuals with similar interests.
  • The B2B  trading websites can help you keep updated on the latest news and information through unique content and articles.
  •  B2B trade portals can help you stay on top of your game with automation and marketing.
  • B2B trading websites connect with buyers and sellers from all over the world and establish an international trade marketplace.

Here are the 5 top B2B portals in India that you can consider:

  1. Global Trade Plaza: Global Trade Plaza is an International B2B marketplace in India with a focus on creating the relationship between buyers and sellers. We provide a professional platform for buyers and suppliers to connect, communicate and do business with each other. The  B2B trade portal in India is designed to streamline many of the tasks related to import-export, such as searching for suppliers, communicating with them, making payments, shipping, and tracking the products. Our B2B trading website provides a set of tools and services to simplify the import-export process and help businesses succeed. This is the top B2B marketplace in India that empowers small businesses to expand their business by providing them with the right exposure to the right customers.
  2. TradeIndia: It is one of the leading B2B trade marketplaces in India that works for buyers and sellers of goods to meet and interact with each other. It is a great place to meet new suppliers, expand your network and gain access to a large and active community of business people. 
  3. Amazon business:  It is the B2B trading website that is a unique platform where you can find business opportunities from all over the world. You can buy and sell products online ranging from any industry.
  4. Power2Sme: It is a one-stop solution for all your business needs. We provide a range of services to help you grow your business, including corporate sales, lead generation, and business development. We understand that you have unique business goals and we are here to help you achieve them. Our target is to help you grow your business by providing you with the best services available
  5. Indiamart: Indiamart is one of the famous B2B trade portal in India. It was founded in 1996. It is an online B2B marketplace in India that will help to sell and buy products by connecting with buyers and sellers across the world. You can import and export using their B2B marketplace.
Global Trade Plaza
Global Trade Plaza
Global Trade Plaza is an ISO 9001:2015 certified online B2B marketplace. We provide various opportunities for businesses including manufacturers, exporters, and wholesalers to connect with other businesses and companies across the globe.

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