Top Products Exported from India to the USA

Export is significant in a country’s economic growth. It means that a particular country exports raw materials or goods produced in the country to other countries in order to gain more profit and a higher value for its products.  India has been exporting both raw materials and finished products to many countries including the United States of America. The commercialization of exports has aided India’s economic […]

Insider Tips for Becoming A Successful B2B Seller

Research Research Research!  Research is the key to every success story. B2B Marketplace is vast and without proper research and preparation, you can never achieve that milestone. Conduct in-depth market research, know your potential clients, understand the industry, and study your competitors. Stay updated with all the new techniques and strategies. There are various B2B companies in India, it is […]

B2B Vs B2C marketplaces

What is B2B?  B2B stands for a company-to-company business, which implies that one organization sells goods or services to another. When other companies market a product, the customer buying the same does not purchase for themself; instead, they purchase the product or service for their company. Consulting services, customer relationship management solutions, copywriting services, lead generation, and many more are […]