India is the second-most populous country in the world. This means that there is a customer for every product. The Business industry is vast and comes with several growth opportunities. In this article, we’ll be discussing business opportunities for people interested in the B2B industry.  B2B marketplace can be challenging but rewarding. It consists of various elements. Wholesale is one […]

Hand sanitizers: The escalating demand with future forecast

Presently, the scenario reflects a constant increase in pollution and diseases, and human beings need to focus more on their hygiene. Inculcating simple practices into a daily routine can provide better hygiene. Our environment is surrounded by an infinite number of bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens harmful to the human body. We get in contact with these pathogens through our […]

Calculated evaluation & selection of surgical gowns

COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in bringing special attention towards control over infections and spread. To overcome this, personal protective equipment (PPE) is recommended for health professionals and staff. To procure a PPE gown or disposable isolation gowns during the pandemics’ extreme time can be mind scratching and difficult due to its scarcity. Here, we bring in some key features and […]

Future of food and agriculture on Global Front

Agriculture is said to be the most prestigious as well as an important job. A farmer not only works to fulfil his needs but takes care of the nation by feeding them. Since the practice has taken place since the evolution, the job hasn’t garnered its reputation. Excluding the developed countries, the developing countries’ economy and the underdeveloped countries rely […]

PPE kit production surge led to a Textile revolution in India

Everything that happened during the pandemic was unimaginable. The first line warriors like medical and pharmaceutical support were seen covered head to toe in PPE kits.The protective gears acted as life saviour for the health care workers as well as the police department.Pandemic brought the world to a halt. Amidst the situation, the Indian PPE kit manufacturers met the domestic […]

Foreign market for Indian dry fruits

The mechanism of export and import depends on the basic concept of every economics book. The demand for those products is high, which are scarce. Multiple products have drawn foreigners attention to India, but the most exclusive list comprises the dry fruits and nuts (products like salted pista, raisins, currants, raisin fruit, etc.).  The German market is the largest market […]