Beginners Guide to Shoe Business

Thinking of doing business in the footwear industry? Want to enter the B2C marketplace? Well, you are at the right place now. Here you’ll get answers to all your questions regarding the shoe business.  Before you enter the B2C market of the shoe industry, it is necessary you understand the details of the B2B market of the same industry. There […]


India is the second-most populous country in the world. This means that there is a customer for every product. The Business industry is vast and comes with several growth opportunities. In this article, we’ll be discussing business opportunities for people interested in the B2B industry.  B2B marketplace can be challenging but rewarding. It consists of various elements. Wholesale is one […]

Changing dynamics after joining forces of Women clothing and B2B platform

If we start with history, what immediately pops in the head when discussing British, Mughals, or Native Americans? Britishers bring up the image of the ladies wearing a corset and long skirts. Next, Mughals reminisces the royalty and poise of the queens and their layered attires. The native Americans with skins as clothes like deerskin shirts and dresses. The existence […]